Little Chi Chi was found outside a dog meat farm in South Korea, where she was rescued from a trash can. She’d been hung upside down by her paws and stuffed with food to make her gain weight quickly.

A sad reality

It is an incredibly sad reality that dog meat farmers like the dogs to be scared before they die, as they believe it will make the meat taste better. Shannon Keith, Animal Rescue, Media & Education, is also an attorney who is fighting to ban dog meat farms in the United States.

“People are very surprised that dog meat is still eaten in many parts of the world, even the United States,” says Keith.

The infection in Chi Chi’s legs was so horrific that it had eaten away her legs and spread through her body, so the first hurdle for her was to stay alive after her surgery. But she’s a tough cookie, and she pulled through!

"She survived and the day after surgery she was trying to walk. She was smiling and wagging her tail," Keith continued. "Then, a couple days later, she even started walking on her little stumps."

 chien sans pattes labrador

A new beginning

But that’s not the only good news! Chi Chi also found a permanent home, and not just any home – a home in a new country!

She was flown to Arizona and greeted at the airport by Shannon Keith who then drove her to her new family’s house. When they got out of the car, Chi Chi felt and sniffed grass for the first time in her life.

The next big moment was when she met her new family: Richard, Elizabeth and Megan Howell.

Animal Rescue, Media & Education set up an Amazon Wish List for Chi Chi to help her settle into her new home, and people who heard of her story were eager to contribute to it.

"One of the great things somebody got for us was a dog stroller," said Keith. "She's just in heaven. She loves it."

chien labrador sans pattes

Thanks to ARME, Chi Chi's been given a second chance at life and her best days are still ahead of her! To learn more about other success stories from ARME and to support its efforts, visit its website.

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