As you know animals and human’s eyes don’t see the same. Most people think that dogs don’t see any colours and that cats can see in the dark. Here is the truth about our companion’s vision!

Animal Vision

Dogs, cats, mice, rats and rabbits have very poor colour vision, but they can see greys and some blue and yellow. You may think that the colour red makes a bull angry, but the truth is that they don’t see colour! They don’t attack the cape because of its colour but rather because it is moving.

Colour Vision

Some animals have almost as good colour vision as humans, for example; monkeys, birds, squirrels, fish and insects. There is however a difference with how humans and these animals see.

Bee Vision

Bees and butterflies can see colours that humans can’t see; they have super vision. Their colour vision extends to ultra-violets! Snakes have poor vision, but they can detect heat in objects and living beings. This is called “thermal vision”.

To look through the eyes of our furry, feathery or scaly friends watch this BuzzFeed video.

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