We are all baffled when our pets do strange things, but it can be very entertaining as well! These acts that seem very weird to us are in fact very normal to these animals. In this article, we will have a look at some very weird animal habits, ranging from impressing a female to defence!

The Interior Decorator - The Bowerbird

According to Natalie Jaro, the bowerbird builds an impressive nest to attract a mate. They spend hours on their ‘homes’ decorating it with flowers, feathers, stones or anything they can find! This bird will also try to destroy a neighbouring male’s bachelor pad so that his looks more impressive!

A Romantic Engagement with a Penguin

The way the Adelie male penguin proposes to a female is rather strange, but cute as well! Once the male has spotted a female he likes, he will roll a stone to her feet and that is his way of ‘proposing’. If the female penguin is interested in him she will respond with a song!


Defence Mechanism - The Horned Lizard

When horned lizards feel threatened they do something very strange, they shoot a stream of blood from their eyes to scare their enemies. The blood can reach up to 5 feet, but it is not poisonous. It is done simply to scare or create confusion!

The Dung Beetle

This beetle loves dung, hence the name! They do everything with or in dung including; eating it, laying eggs in it, feed it to their young and living in it. These strange beetles will roll dung balls around by standing on their heads and using their hind legs.

Source: Top Tenz

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com / www.oceanwideimages.com / channel.nationalgeographic.com / www.independent.co.uk

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