The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has raised a red warning flag; 90% of lemurs are now threatened with extinction. The IUCN have about 73, 000 species on the endangered list and lemurs have just become one of them.

Natural Habitat

Most of the lemurs in the world live on the island of Madagascar. Unfortunately it is a very poor country which has led to the government turning a blind eye to illegal and intensive logging. Cutting down too many trees is destroying the lemur’s habitat. It has also been found that people hunt lemurs for food.

Dr Thomas Lacher of Texas A&M University had this to say:

“The high level of threat among lemurs is particularly troubling and calls for significant conservation action. These distinctive primates serve a critical role in the threatened ecosystems of Madagascar. They also represent an important source of tourism revenue for the country, and as a result are a clear case where conservation can provide local economic benefits.”

Source: The Guardian


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