Today, Yummypets would like to introduce you to Fly. He's an adorable, playful, and affectionate rabbit, who is the pride and joy of his parents, Virginie and Karim. In this article, Virginie tells us about Fly's adoption, his favorite activities, and his particularly funny behavior!

Tell us about how your met Fly

It's a long story! One day, I went to a garden and pet center with my mother. I was very intrigued by a rabbit, which had its back turned. I bent down to get a better look at him and it was love at first sight!

I was so sad when I noticed the "Reserved" sign above his cage. I couldn't stop thinking about him though. When we came back 2 days later with my significent other, Karim, we noticed that Fly was still there and that the same sign was still above his cage. We were both very disappointed but I was not going to give up.

My mom decided to call the store but since there was no response from their part, we decided to go back. No one had come to pick up Fly. The salespeople told us that if Fly wasn't picked up by the end of the week, he could come live with us. I was thrilled by the idea!

A few days later, Karim surprised me. He had received a call from the store earlier that day. He picked up our little bunny, who we later named Fly. I was completely stunned when I discovered Fly in his box, I couldn't believe it! My dream was coming true! I immediately hugged him!

Fly lying down

Tell us about Fly's daily routine

Since Fly arrived at our home, he has lived in freedom. He only goes back to his cage at night or when we have to go away.

Fly is not a morning person. He often forgets to greet us!

When he gets up, he goes behind his cage to scratch his blanket. Then, 15 minutes later, he finally comes to snuggle with me on the sofa. He usually spends the morning playing, following us, and watching our every action.

Around 1pm, he either sits on the couch or on the living room carpet and naps until 6pm. He then comes to ask for our attention and stays with us all evening watching television. In the evening, around 11pm, he starts to get restless. One of the things he does is binkies, which are big jumps that rabbits do when they are happy.

He looks so well-behaved! Is he ever mischievous?

In the space of a just few hours, Fly gnawed a computer charger, a hard drive cable, and a television cable! He also scratched the curtains, gnawed the living room carpet, and chewed on the baseboards of the walls.

However, it's impossible to be mad at him! He's such a sweetheart!

Fly with toy trains

What are some of Fly's favorite activities?

  1. Playing with his toy trains.
  2. Digging wherever he can.
  3. Running around the living room.
  4. Scratching around our feet.
  5. Jumping on our back.
  6. Eating parsley! It's his favorite food!
  7. Sleeping on the sofa with his blanket and his stuffed toy. He even has his very own place on the sofa.
  8. Fly does a trick that we taught him called "handsome boy".
  9. He also rolls around when we talk about him.
  10. He loves to binky!
Fly lying down with his stuffed toy

Is there anything else that you'd like to share with us?

Fly is exceptionally intelligent and affectionate. He feels the joys and sorrows of those around him. Above all, he's so well-behaved. It's as if he were some type of cat-dog mix in the body of a rabbit!

Fly is a close friend, a true friend, and a confidant. He fills our days with joy. He is a fully-fledged member of the family.

You can find Fly's Yummypets profile here.


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    Manon P You are so adorable with your train set! I love your name Fly! 😍