A poor cat called Lilly was found in the back of a car with her paws taped up with electrical tape. If the two deputies from the Santa Clarita Sherriff’s Station hadn't found her, who knows what might have happened to Lilly!

Suspicious Car

The deputies found Lilly by accident; they approached a suspicious looking car that was parked outside a closed business and decided to investigate. Inside the car were a man and his girlfriend, who both had narcotics on them.

Searching The Car

The deputies decided to search the rest of the car and then heard the meowing from somewhere inside the back. They found Lilly in an upside-down cat carrier. They were even more surprised when they found her paws taped up with electrical tape.

“I mean, when I first found the cat, I was like ‘no way’, the cat was up on its side. It was crammed in the back. I mean, I own cats, that’s not how a cat should be treated,” said Adam Halloran, one of the deputies.

The poor cat was clearly not happy and very uncomfortable. While the deputies were getting the tape off, she was meowing in distress. When asked why Lilly was taped up, her owners said that she scratched them!


Both the man and the woman will be charged with possession of narcotics and animal cruelty. Lilly was given to the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control, where she will be waiting for a loving permanent home!

Source: abc13.com

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