Some dogs have a lot more energy than others, even within the same breed. Let's look at some ways to help calm a hyperactive pooch!

It is absolutely necessary for you to walk your dog daily, but in the case of hyperactive dogs, once may not be enough.

Hyperactivity is not necessarily linked to race. In reality, a dog of any breed may be hyperactive regardless of size or genes.

Living with a hyperactive dog may prove to be difficult. This is why, in this article, we've found four ways for your to calm your hyperactive dog.

#1 Exercise your dog

Ecercise is as necessary for your dog's mental wellbeing as for their physical. Often, hyperactivity is linked to a lack of physical activity. Some dogs only need one chance to stretch their legs a day, but for others this is not nearly enough. Walking, running, hiking and playing are excellent ways of help your dog to become active.

In doing these activities, your dog will 'use up' all their energy, being mentally and physically tired. Therefore, they will be less likely to be active at home..

If you don't have the time to do these kinds of activities with your dog, get someone to do so for your. If you have a dog that needs a lot of exercise, this is the only way to make them less hyperactive.

#2 Offer your dog interactive toys 

Interactive toys are a good way of keeping your dog's mind occupied. There are interactive toys of all shapes and sizes - some are puzzles that your dog needs to solve in order to get treats and others are even more complicated... but most involve treats of some form in order to hold the attention of your dog.

You'll be surprised to see how long your dog can play with their new toy!

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#3 Train your dog

All dogs need to learn tricks, some being more or less basic. If you have noticed that your dog is hyperactive, you shouldn't stop there! There are so many tricks to teach dogs that you will never be able to say that you've done them all.

Use positive reinforcement to train your dog and your options will be unlimited!

There are many different kinds of sport that you can try with your dog. If your dog enjoys it, surely so will you!

#4 Socialise your dog

There are organised meet-ups for dog owners in nearly every city, which is a great way to expend your pet's energy.

If your dog likes playing with others of their kind, these adventures can bee good for them physically and mentally, while also augmenting their social capacities.

How do you feel after a long day out with your friends? Happy but tired, right? It's the same for your dog!

Source: iheartdogs

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