If there's a little tension going on between your dog and the new person in your life, it could very well be that your dog disapproves. And you'd be foolish not to listen... or would you?

So your dog's not a fan of that new special human in your life. Hmm, we've heard this before. But in fairness to your dog, this is why you really shouldn’t be dating the person you are with... apparently... well, at least according to them!

1. Their hearing isn’t as good as mine!

"Last night when they were over, I heard a noise outside. They didn’t bark with me, nor did they look out of the window to see what was going on!"

2. Their sense of smell is terrible too!

"Everyone knows that you need to sniff someone out when you first meet them (specifically in the butt, duh!). They didn’t even attempt a whiff when you two first met!"

3. They close their eyes?

"When you guys first kissed, they kept their eyes closed. What a creep!"

4. They don’t look at you for long enough!

"This 'special' human you bring home is always looking around – at their phone, at the television, at their coffee. They should be looking at you ALL THE TIME. Like me. Just like me!"

5. They're no team player!

"Look, teams stick together. When we go to the park, or when we go to the kitchen, we have to be together - all the time. They don’t even follow you into the bathroom!"

6. They really don’t appreciate food enough!

"After cooking, does your 'special human' dance or wait eagerly by the table for you? No. They don't. They don't even stare into your eyes while you're eating!"

7. They leave meet on the bone. I repeat, they leave meat STILL ON THE BONE!

"There was totally some meat left on that chicken bone! Ugh, kill me already..."

8. But their nose is always dry!

"And sometimes they even powder it to make it drier. What is that all about?!"

9. They drive with the window up?

"I mean, is this even legal? Even in the depths of winter? "Oh, but I'll get messy hair!". Pff, messy hair means LIVING people!!

10. Let's face it - they're dirty!

"I’ve never seen them lick themselves. Never. Not once. How uncouth!"

11. I question their loyalty!

"Anyone who feeds birds or squirrels instead of chasing them simply cannot be trusted."

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