Karina, who is 3 and a half years-old, lives with her parents and her puppy in North-East Siberia. After getting lost in a big forest near her home, she survived for 11 days by snuggling up to her dog, Nadia.

When Karina’s father decided to walk through the forest to visit family, she decided that she would join him with her beloved dog. Her father didn’t realise that she was following him, and he thought she was at home in Olom, a Siberian village, with her mother.


Karina’s mother couldn’t see Karina and figured that she had gone with her father. She realised her daughter was missing when her husband came back four days later without Karina. As the area is not covered by phone signal, they did not have any contact for those few days.

Realising that their daughter was missing, they called the police and hundreds of volunteers gathered to look for her. It is very dangerous for a little girl to be alone in the big forest, as apart from the cold there are many wild animals such as bears and wolves.

Snuggles Save Lives

For 11 days, Karina survived by eating berries and drinking water from rivers. At night, her dog kept her warm by snuggling up to her. She saved her life! The dog left the little girl after 11 days and went back to the village. Nadia then led Karina’s parents to her and she was saved!

Karina was in a poor condition but she was alive thanks to her dog. The poor little girl was tired, crying, hungry and full of mosquito bites. After a stint in hospital, she recovered and all is well!

 Nadia is a real hero!

Credit: The Mirror & Will Stewart

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