I put together a little article with numbers and statistics from the animal world. This helps us to realize the reality of things and to become aware of what is happening around us.

Did you know that, since 1 January, 2013:

- 244,855,900 kg of cat litter was used in France. It is estimated that every second, 12 kg of litter is used by cats. That means that 400 million pounds of cat litter ends up in the trash each year. Hence it is important to buy ecological cat litter.

- 3,665,759 people have been bitten by a snake worldwide. Therefore, about one person is bitten every 6 seconds! Don’t worry, only 125, 000 people die from these snake bites.

- 18, 490 pets were adopted in France from the RSPCA. That is about 80 adoptions per day, which is encouraging but we should not stop! Continue to support the RSPCA and shelters.

- 65, 102, 003 sharks were killed before being put back into the sea. They are caught for their fins, which is a popular dish in South East Asian countries. This means; three sharks per second, and about 40- 100 million are killed every year by humans.

- 3, 575, 921 pounds of dog excrement was dumped in Paris. The Parisian dogs produce about 16 tons of waste per day! Needless to say it is very expensive for the mayor of Paris to have a clean city!

Our pets are true superheroes as well, here is the proof: 

- 110km/ h is the speed that a cheetah can reach in 5 seconds. To give you an idea, this is also the speed you drive on the highway!

- 700 pounds is the weight of a whale’s heart! Our hearts only weigh about 300 grams.

- 200/ sec is the number of wing movements of the hummingbird. This gives them a big advantage as they can be almost still while they are drinking the delicious nectar from flowers.

- 9 meters is the length of the Seba python, the largest snake in the world. A little scary right?

We hope you have learned a few things today! 


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