This man has become a hero in Romania. Thanks to his knowledge of First Aid, he managed to save a dog... It was Saturday 10th December in Pitesti that the event took place.

First aid

We all know how important knowledge of First Aid can be to save human lives. However, in this case, it was a canine life that was saved.

Mugurel Costache, a firman in the city of Pitesti had saved a dog from a fire, and who had been poisoned by all the smoke produced. The fireman therefore did chest compressions on the dog as well as mouth to mouth in order to try and save him.

The dog regained consciousness little by little - it was a miracle! If the fireman had not been there, the poor dog would not possibly have survived.

The hero of Pitesti

While Mugurel was trying to save the dog, one of the witnesses to the scene filmed what was happening. The video was then posted to facebook, garnering over 2 million views. Mugurel became the "hero of Pitesti".

"I received messages from everywhere in the world - Dubai, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and England," explained the fireman.

He then confided that he would like to adopt the dog "if the pet parent was okay with it".

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