This weekend, the city of Middletown said goodbye to beloved K9 officer, Hunter, following a cancer diagnosis.

A great loss

Police officer Michael D’Aresta made the crushing decision to euthanise Hunter following vet recommendations on Saturday. On Facebook, the Middletown Police Department, Connecticut called the it “the toughest decision any K9 handler dreads making.”

According to their post, it was found that K9 Hunter had an aggressive form of liver cancer after he had been ill for several days. Symptoms of liver cancer can include: lethargy, weight loss, confused and jaundiced eyes.

Officers lined the street, saluting the team as K9 Hunter was carried away in an emotional farewell.

Hunter has served the city since 2007, and will surely be remembered for his great service.

To find out more about cancer in dogs, see our article on predisposing factors for cancer.

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