These kittens are cute and intriguing at the same time! The Lykoi cat has no hair around their eyes, nose, ears and mouth making them look like a werewolf! As you can see from the picture, the resemblance is strong.

The Sphinx

The Lykoi cat comes from a natural mutation between the Shorthairs and Sphinx breeds. There are only about 7 people in the world who breed these cats and raise them, making them quite rare! The first litter of these kittens were born in July 2010, in the Unites States.


The reason they are called Lykoi cats is because Lykoi means “wolf” in Greek, and as they look like little wolves this name is fitting.

Calm  and Affectionate Animals

Lykoi cats are described as calm and affectionate animals. They have a hound- like personality. They do not however trust strangers easily but they become sympathetic when they feel confident. These cats seem similar but also very different from their namesake - strange, aren’t they?

Source and Photo Credit: Express

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