In the winter, hundreds of stray cats struggle in the freezing temperatures. Here are two ideas for cat shelters that can be made out of old things you have lying around your house!

The shelter must be protected from unwanted guests

You should place the shelter in a closed-off garden, against a wall, so that only a cat can get in. You should also place something heavy on top to stop it from being moved by animals or bad weather. The door shouldn't be wider than the whiskers of a cat.

The shelter must be able to resist the weather

The shelter should be kept off the ground to keep it well insulated. Having one entrance instead of two will keep the shelter warmer. You can place straw around the walls, which will keep it warm and stop it from getting damp.

#1 The double-insulated shelter

This shelter is made with one big plastic box, and one smaller plastic box which should fit inside of the other. There should be a gap in between the two boxes, which is then filled with an insulating coat or straw.

#2 The polystyrene shelter 

Polystyrene cases are used by food or medicine distributers. Bakeries, restaurants, pharmacies and hospitals throw them away regularly, so don't hesitate to ask them for one. Once you have made the shelter out of the case, you can cover the inside with an insulating coat and fill it with straw to keep it warm. You can also cover the shelter with a bin bag to make it waterproof.

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Are you going to try out one of these ideas?

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