Every pet owner thinks that their little pooch or kitty is the most handsome on earth. But some of them aren't wrong!

We've found for your viewing pleasure today the top 20 cats who are more beautiful than humans.

 A selection of the most magnificent felines who would make even the world's supermodels jealous!

1. Smoothie The Cat 

2. Iriss & Abyss

3. Coby The Cat 

4. Harry & Izzy 

5. Odessa The Sphynx

6. Sayo

7. Aurora

8. Cheese and olive

9. Swedish Cat Mafia

10. Cola The Cat

11. Nohea, Lua & Sao

12. Hollysisson

13. Lonebaehring

14. Ruby & Eve

15. Lobshtah The Cat

16. Venus

17. Guinness

18. Som Siri


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source : Buzzfeed / Instagram

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