Mange is a treatable condition in dogs, but instead of helping their dog this family dumped their pet at a shelter. Luckily she found humans who were willing to help her.

When she arrived at the shelter, Gemma had severe Demodectic Mange covering 70 percent of her white body. This poor German Shepherd was in terrible pain, and it broke one of the volunteers’ hearts to see it.

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Gemma meets Jolene

Jolene, who volunteers at the shelter Gemma was dropped off, happens to also be an adoption counselor at St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary (a part of Lange Foundation,) an animal rescue based in Santa Clarita, California.

She decided to take Gemma there to get her the care she so desperately required. They had to sedate her in order to clean her mange without hurting her further.

Jolene took 24 hour care of Gemma, and within weeks she was healing visibly. Her beautiful fur was growing back, and she was gaining weight… A little bit too much, however!

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A surprise

Gemma was pregnant! The German Shepherd gave birth to five glowing puppies, and all of them found loving homes.

Once Gemma recovered from her mange, she too found the home she deserved. It was very emotional for Jolene, but she was happy to see Gemma get a second chance at life.

“It was a really hard process. Seeing her go through everything from the day she was turned over to the shelter and then actually seeing her to go drive in a car off the ranch and go home. It was really special and I am so glad she was able to be in my life,” says Jolene.

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