You’ve heard the superstitions about black cats being unlucky, right? Since it's Halloween here are some good reasons why you shouldn't judge kitties on the color of their fur! 


  • Not all black cats are actually pure black; many have shades of browns and reds incorporated into their coat.
  • Black cats are considered lucky in some cultures. Though it is a common belief that a black cat is bad fortune, many countries believe them to be extremely lucky.
  • The Bombay is the only cat breed that is recognized as a black cat breed.
  • The richest cat in the world is a black cat from Italy named Tommaso. His owner left him $13 million when she died, giving Tommaso a place in the Guinness world records.
  • Black cats may have stronger immune systems due to the melanism in their body.
  • Black cats (and black dogs) are usually the last to be adopted. They are half as likely to be adopted as other cats, so they need your help more.

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