Andrzej Kuziomsky opened up the first hedgehog shelter in Poland after realising how many are killed and injured every day. He has called his shelter, Igliwiak Hedgehog Rescue Centre.

No Natural Habitat

In Poland, hedgehogs are slowly but surely being chased away from their natural habitat because of the rapid urbanisation. The poor creatures are killed and injured by car wheels, lawn mowers, dogs and chemicals.

Back to Health

Andrzej has seen enough, takes in injured hedgehogs and then nurses them back to health. When it is possible, he puts them back into the wild, away from the cities.

Expanding the Centre

At the moment, he can host up to 50 hedgehogs at the centre, but he would love to be able to have more space and money to save more lives. The food and vet fees are very expensive.

As hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, he’s spending most of his nights taking care of them and his days are spent raising money for the rescue centre.

Credit: The Dodo


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