In Indonesia, (the world's second largest plastic polluter) a dead sperm whale was found washed up, filled with 1,000 pieces of plastic in it's stomach.

A whale full of plastic

In Sulawesi, eastern Indonesia, researchers from wildlife conservation group WWF and the Wakatobi national park’s conservation academy found about 5.9kg (13lbs) of plastic waste in the whale’s stomach. This included flip flips, bottles, bags, 115 drinking cups, a nylon sack and more than 1,000 other assorted pieces of plastic. It was not possible to determine if the plastic had caused the whale’s death because of the animal’s advanced state of decay.

The world’s second-largest plastic polluter

Indonesia is the world's second largest plastic polluter after China. It produces 3.2 million tons of mismanaged plastic waste each year, of which 1.29m tons ends up in the ocean. People are hoping that the discovery of the whale will raise awareness about the need to reduce plastic use.

Fighting against pollution

As pollution is such a big problem these days, there are lots of different things you can do to help out, so why not go for it!

There are many organisations and movements that organise beach cleans that you can get involved in. In September, it was the 25th annual British Beach Clean, where records of volunteers turned out to help clear litter from the UK's beaches. In total, 8,550kg (18849.52 pounds) of litter was picked up across the whole of the UK.

4ocean is also an amazing global movement that is actively removing trash from the ocean and coastlines. It is super easy to get involved. 4ocean sells special bracelets that are made out of the trash (glass, plastic bottles and other materials) found from the ocean and coastlines. By purchasing a 4ocean bracelet, you will be removing one pound (0,4kilos) of trash. So far, they have moved over half a million pounds of trash from the ocean!

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What are your thoughts on pollution? Do you do anything to help out?

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