The 30 Million Friends Foundation recently rescued a female rhesus macaque. The animal was found in Villepinte.

Disoriented and frightened, the animal was lost in the streets of Villepinte with a collar and a carabiner. She was found thanks to citizens calling in her appearance on the streets. The dog-rescue association and the fire brigade of Seine-Saint-Denis arrived in order to capture her and then passed her onto the 30 Million Friends Foundation, who could take good care of her.

 La Fondation 30 Millions d'Amis recueille un singe errant à Villepinte

According to an exam conducted by a specialised vetetrinary, the macaque is around one year old. She seems to be in good health and is en route to join the AAP Shelter in the Netherlands, which is specialised in this kind of animal.

Because of their docility and their intelligence, rhesus macaques are often exploited for vivisection or performance in circuses. In 2012, seven monkeys of these species were rescued by Natuurhulpcentrum in Belgium thanks to the 30 Million Friends Foundation, which is often contacted to rescue escaped circus monkeys or subjects of animal experimentation.

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source : 30millionsdamis

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