Our large and small dogs love frolicking outside! Nevertheless, with the cold, rain and soon the snow, a good cover is not necessarily to be disregarded. Especially when your four-legged friend does not like fresh air (coupled with the wind).

If you have not found "THE" coat to suit your furry friend, or if you just want to make them one yourself, here's a little DIY that is simple to complete, created by Martha Stewart.

What you need: 

• a rectangle of fabric suede or suede, with a length equal to the length of your dog's back, and width to cover both sides (see photo at the top of this article)

• two strips of the same fabric, used to fasten the coat by the neck and chest,

• four buttons

• a pencil,

•a needle and thread.

Watch the tutorial to guide you: 

To adjust the size of three pieces of cloth, help yourself to an old newspaper. Use this to trace out the amount of material you will need, and then use this as a stencil to cut your fabric. Round out the four corners of the large rectangle of fabric with scissors.

Place the rectangle on your dog, and mark the location of the points of the four buttons.

Sew on the buttons, then cut small slits in the thinner strips to make a buttonhole. If you like you can sew these to make it more sturdy.

The coat is ready!

Happy sewing!


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