It might sound a little disturbing to non-Star Wars fans, but avid followers of the sci-fi franchise may lose their pet to the dark side with the new Star Wars™ Death Star Pet Cave. And they may just be okay with it!

The Force has always had a way

The Force may be strong, but there’ll be no destroying this Death Star when you see your little Ewok’s face peeking out from the soft Velboa, pint-sized battle station pet bed.

The officially licensed Star Wars™ Death Star Pet Cave is a pet bed replica of the original planet-destroying space station Death Star - designed with your cat or dog in mind. That means no steel-plated exteriors, hard surfaces, sharp objects, or lightsabers to battle with your furry friend.

Nor thermal exhaust port design flaws!

Unlike the original, you can even put this one in the washing machine!

Of its latest product, The Fowndry notes: ”Consigning other fluffy critter crash pads to the Outer Rim, this plush, basketball-sized, officially licensed facsimile of the planet-destroying original is the purr-fect galactic des res for any plucky rebel pooch or cosetted imperial kitty."

We couldn’t agree more. And there seems no better way for your fluffy, little Ewok (or Emperor) to keep watch over the galaxy.

Although we must warn you - you may lose your pet to the dark side… or interior at least, with its largely enclosed, super-soft, cushioned lining (with removable cushion). At least you know they’ll be safely protected from imperial forces… until dinner time!

Seems every Star Wars fan’s Jedi-battle dreams just came true.

May the force be with you. And your furry friend!

Source: The Mirror

Photo credits: The Fowndry and The Monster Factory

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