The female albino kangaroo is as white as snow and made her first public appearance at the Odessa zoo in Ukraine a few days ago.

An albino kangaroo, a rare occurrence

An albino kangaroo is very rare; this is caused by a hereditary condition. It means that the animal does not have enough colouring pigments in the skin. It also leads to a lack of pigmentation in the eyes, fur or scales in different animals. What a treat to see this very rare joey!

Date of birth

The zoo director, Ihor Belyakov, says that the zoo staff do not know the exact date of birth. They estimate it to be around two months ago. Kangaroos are very small when born and crawl into their mother’s pouch soon after. They stay here to breastfeed and they grow quite quickly. This particular joey only managed to climb out when the weather got a bit warmer!

A Competition to find a name

The white kangaroo joey has not yet been named; a competition has been set up so that visitors of the zoo can suggest names!  

Can you think of any names for the kangaroo?



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