It's finally happened - cats have started their diabolical plans to take over the world.

And they've started with taking over the London Underground.

CATS invading the London Underground!


The idea was executed by Glimpse a London collective composed of people working in not only advertising, marketing, design but also charitable organisations. These people gave themselves the goal of improving the daily life and  relationship between people simply to make Londoners' more pleasant. And what would be better than photos of cats to make people smile?

Glimpse therefore launched a crowdfunding campaign under the name of CATS (Citizen Advertising Takeover Service), with the aim to collect enough money to replace the adverts on the famous London Underground with cute pictures of cats.

Since the launch, the team managed to collect more than 22,000 pounds from around 700 contributors. The success of this campaign, launched about six months ago, was lightning swift, allowing them to replace the adverts in Clapham Common Underground Station for two weeks. James Turner, one of the organisers, declared on Medium that "It's not a marketing ploy. The people behind this campaign are volunteers. We just wanted to inspire people to think differently, to see the world differently and to realise that they had the power to change it."

See how much more attractive the metro seems when you're surrounded by cats:

 chat-metro-2-05-2016 chat-metro-3-05-2016 chat-metro-4-05-2016 chat-metro-5-05-2016 chat-metro-6-05-2016 chat-metro-7-05-2016 chat-metro-8-05-2016 chat-metro-9-05-2016

What do you think of this initiative? Would you like to see the same thing in your public transport?

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