Last year, pet owners spent a record of $53.3 billions on their furry friends

In the US, households spend more on their pets than on any other expense! Pet ownership is at a record, and the majority of US households own at least one pet! And more than four of every 10 pet-owning households own more than one type of pet. There are 218 million furry, scaly, feathered and hoofed companions just in the US.


Even during the economic downturn, people often will cut back on discretionary expenses, such as entertainment, vacations and meals at restaurants. But many pet owners are unwilling to downgrade to cheaper pet food!

Pet owners are more nutrition-conscious about what they feed their companions, and they often want the healthiest option.


Indeed, pets are now fully part of the family, owners do not only spend money on their pet's food, but also in accessories, toys and grooming!

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