Author Abigail King has written a book for children, starring the famous dog Lupo. He is the adorable black cocker spaniel belonging to Kate Middleton and Prince William. If you like cliff-hangers then you will love this book!

The Story

The first book of the series, Lupo and the Secrets of Windsor Castle, follows Lupo as he tries to prove that he is not guilty of attacking a swan. Is it possible for Lupo to prove that he is innocent?

Friendships and Adventure

This book is full of eccentric characters and adventure. It is great to see unlikely friendships develop between the different animals living in Windsor Castle.

Prince William, Duchess Kate, Prince George, Queen Elizabeth and even one of the Queen’s Corgis are set to make an appearance in the book.


Has anyone read the book?

Source Photo : Jason Bell

Source: The Guardian


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    Jeffree S "Lupo and the Secrets of Windsor Castle" sounds like an exciting children's book, blending mystery, adventure, fnaf and the charm of royal pets.