The Winter Olympic Games opens today in Sochi, Russia. Amidst all the excitement, there is something disturbing happening as well.

Specialising in Euthanasia

Basya Services, a company that specializes in euthanasia, has confirmed to The Associated Press that they have been asked by Olympic officials to euthanize a large number of stray dogs in Sochi. This is to create a good impression of the city, to keep it clean and safe for the athletes and spectators.

Threat to the People

The authorities genuinely believe that these stray dogs can be a threat to the people and the games. Several animal welfare organisations were outraged that this was even considered and asked that shelters were built instead. This however has not been done.

Short Term Solutions

This is a short term solution for the very big problem in the city, simply so that the Olympic games can run ‘smoothly’ and so that the city looks good to the world. The same problem was faced in Athens, Greece in 2004 and China in 2008, with their stray cats.

Stray Dogs are a Danger

The director of Basya Services, Sorokin, told ABC news that the stray dogs are a danger to the athletes and spectators. They could be attacked by them, which would cause problems for Sochi.

What do you think? 

Source & Photo: Mashable

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