If you are an animal lover and you are planning to visit Japan, we have found the perfect activity for you: visiting the island of Okunoshima!

The island off the coast of Hiroshima

During World War Two, researchers tested chemicals in order to create deadly gases. The island was a scientific military facility and was not very rural.

After these dark years, the old destroyed buildings along with what was left of the military base were slowly taken over by nature.

A bucolic island

Nowadays, the island of Okunoshima is a relaxing place, fit for a nice walk. The rabbits, once the subject of scientific experiments, now run rampant all around the island, to the pleasure of visitors. It is possible to buy treats on the island in order to feed the rabbits.

On Okunoshima, there aren't any predators - the rabbits are kings!

If you are planning to visit Japan and the island of Okunoshima, it is possible to access the the rabbit paradise by a ferry from the bay of Hiroshima. It is also possible to rent a bicycle on the island in order to explore every corner.

Watch this video that a tourist took of the island - it's irresistible!

Sources : Vivre le Japon

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