Photographer Kaylee Greer has made some beautiful pictures of dogs of all breeds and all sizes. The rendering is sublime!

She works for the studio Dog Breath Photography, a photo studio completely dedicated to dogs.

The young photographer of 28 years discovered her passion for photography at university. Her aim was to link photograph and her other passion, dogs!

"I fell in love pet photos at university and I immediately knew that this was what I should do with my life ... To combine animals and art, the two things that I love the most in the world. A few years later, after a lot of hard work, and never giving up, my dream became reality," she said in an interview with Bored Panda

It is obvious that Greer is a huge pet lover. She has a 3 year-old Pitbull named Joshua, and loves to talk about him!

"I found my greatest inspiration in dogs themselves. I never met something comparable to the canine mind. Joy and the essence of life that transcribes a happy dog ​​impresses me. "
deux chiens herbe

chien saute nuit

chiens super-héros

chien jonquilles

chien s'envole balons

chien à terre

chien forêt

portrait chien

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