Have you ever heard about puppy love? Well it might not be a such silly concept after all.

According to a new study, one in four dog owners have found love walking their pet, and 40% say they would not go out with someone if their furry friend did not take kindly to them. Even though meeting the love of your life during a walk with your dog (just like in the 101 Dalmatians!) might seem a little cheesy... why not? Think about it: you already know they love pets and people who love animals tend to bond easily. The best part is, you'll already have something in common so conversations may flow a little bit easier in the beginning.

Here are a few ways your pet can help you find a new (human) pal:

  • Survey says that people who have a pet tend to speak to them. Moreover, being with your pooch naturally puts you at ease and shows people you're open to meeting them.
  • Dog parks are very interesting places to meet people. You can learn a lot of things about a person by the way he or she interacts with its dog.  Once you've spotted the person you like, it is very easy to start a conversation: talk about your pets! Ask if he/she comes here often, ask for tips, advice....
  • The vet: even healthy pets need to go to the vet occasionally and while waiting for your pets turn, connect with the staff or the other pet parents in the waiting room!
  • Going out for a walk: have you met your neighbors yet? You may run into someone you would like to walk with you or can pet-sit your dog occasionally, it's win-win!
  • The coffee shop: many coffee shops have outside areas where you can hang out with your pet. Make sure your dog is socialized so if a stranger walks up and talks to you, it doesn't bark or snap. Remember, you're trying to attract people to you, not repel them!

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