Nicole Alderman lost her beloved dog, 15-year-old Libra, around this time last year and to remember her friend she posted these adorable photos on Reddit!

The Pictures

People were very moved by the pictures called ‘an old dog’s last ride’. They show Libra sitting with her eyes closed and her head out the window, enjoying the drive. The old dog looks content and peaceful.

On Reddit

Libra died a few days after the pictures were taken and therefore Reddit initially removed the picture, saying that the content was distressing. It has since been reposted and viewed by over 463, 000 people!

The Sick Old Dog

The old dog was very sick; she was unable to control her bladder, having seizures and collapsing often. This was a very difficult time for Nicole, who had Libra since she was a child.

Letting Go

Taking Libra on her last ride was Nicole’s way of helping to let her go. The pictures will always be a reminder of what an amazing dog she had and they make her feel better now that Libra isn’t around anymore.

We are sure Libra is smiling down on Nicole from doggy heaven!


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