Spock, the 27-pound and 46-inch cat, is often mistaken by passers-by to be a bobcat or a lynx because he is so big! Not only does owner, Colleen Pizarev, get many knocks on the door about her cat, but she has to ‘earthquake-proof’ her house too!

Gentle Giant

The gentle giant is a Maine Coon cat, who are usually very friendly and make great pets. People are generally worried because of Spock’s size; one woman was scared he would attack her small dog but Pizarev guaranteed that he is no threat!

The green-eyed cat adores his companion, Pizarev’s other cat Fluffball. He even allows the much smaller 10- pound cat to boss him around! Spock loves to watch YouTube videos, particularly of birds and squirrels.

“He is totally addicted to YouTube. He likes to try to catch the birds and squirrels – he wraps his paw around the back of the screen,” said Pizarev.

 Spock, the giant maine coon

Earthquake Proof House

“He jumps up on a table and sits down, and his great big behind pushes everything off,” said Pizarev.

Spock does not always realise his own strength and size; he causes a lot more damage than other cats when he accidently knocks off objects from counters and tables. Pizarev had to get hold of putty that museums use in case of earthquakes to hold down the objects that can break!

Source: Huffington Post

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