Human to cat translator: You want your cat to understand you when you tell them not to wake you up a 7 am on weekend days? This may be possible with the "Human to cat translator" application, created by "Electric French Fries."

The principle is simple: to make your kitty understand you, simply select on the screen, the message you want to send them. The message will then be translated into meows so that they will understand.

The application has 175 different sounds of 25 different cats to give you every chance to get there.
One can of course ask about the effectiveness of this application ... However, why not give it a try?


Especially when you know it is free and available for iPhones as well as Android smartphones.

Let us know if your cat finally got the point thanks to the translator!
What do you think?

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    Romain C I doubt it really works… has anybody tried dit ?