Today lets meet Simba, a beautiful and very loved cat.

When, where, how did you meet your pet?

We met when I lost my cat who was called Quentin. I was inconsolable, as it was very sudden. My mum and sisters came round a few days later and my sister said, I think you have a parcel in the cupboard outside. I went out opened the door, and there looking up at me was my baby, such a lovely meeting.

Where does his name come from? 

I chose the name Simba, because he is my lion king, I like unusual names, I think he really suits it because, he's very regal.

Tell us about a typical day with him ?

We get up at 8, then he has a runaround like a madman, lol. I feed him, then he sits in front of me, so i pat the back of the sofa, then he always sits down with me.

What’s his silliest trait?

He loves head butting me, and is a very happy, spoilt cat.

What’s your best memory together ?

I know this may sound corny, but every day are all good memories, he is my world, and i love him very much.

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