Regularly cleaning your cat's kitty litter tray helps to maintain their health and wellbeing. The litter should also, ideally, be replaced daily. But if you're hoping to make it last a little longer, we might be able to help!

Did you know that cats are known for being one of the cleanest animals? This is why it's necessary to have a properly cleaned kitty litter tray at your pet's disposal.

A healthy cat that is satisfied with their litter will not urinate anywhere else. They will go to the litter box, choose a spot, relieve themselves and then cover it up. However, if your cat is dissatisfied with their kitty litter, they can do one of a few things. Either, they will enter hesitantly, choose a spot but not cover their excrement (visible signs show their discomfort). Or, in other cases they will choose to relieve themselves elsewhere around the house. Not ideal!

Which litter you should choose

On the whole, you will be able to find three main types of kitty litter that are available commercially.

Clumping litter 

Clumping litter forms little balls on contact with excretions. This litter, in the form of granules, allows you to take out the litter only when you need to. It also creates a less intense odour, which will be a plus if your cat is sensitive to smells. It is also less dusty than sand litter, which is important to remember for the owner's sake. This litter is also beneficial to your cat's health as they will not inhale dust, which can lead to asthma.

Classical mineral litter 

This litter is made of grey and white grains that absorb urine and odours, and is also the most used by cat owners. This kind of needs daily cleaning so that your cat feels at ease.

Plant fibre litter

This litter respects the environment and is biodegradable. It can be made of straw, granules, sawdust or recycled paper. In general, plant fibre litter absorbs odour less will than other kinds of litter. Having a small absorption capacity, it is necessary to change this litter more frequently.

How often you should change the litter

Cleaning your cat's litter is very important, as cats are very clean and therefore need cleanliness in their litter boxes. If they find that it is dirty, they will relieve themselves elsewhere.

In order to avoid this, it is preferable to clean your cat's litter daily. At each change of litter, it is important to clean the kitty litter box because the odours can sometimes remain and bother your cat. Use hot water and soap to clean it.

The litter's placement

It is important that your cat always be able to access their litter. Choose spots that aren't obvious - cats like to have their privacy. Place it away from their food as it is important to separate these two spaces. The placement should be peaceful, so not in a corridor.

One litter per cat

Each cat should have their own kitty litter adapted to their needs. Some cats even prefer to have two different litter boxes, for each need. By observing your cat's behaviour and understanding what works best for them, you are more likely to avoid any 'accidents'.

What are your kitty litter tricks?

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