When you think about the deadliest animal on the earth, you imagine something big and scary, right? For example, a shark or a snake or even other humans. According to Bill Gates, the most dangerous animal award goes to mosquitoes.


This tiny and very annoying insect causes havoc as it is a carrier of the malaria disease, which kills around 750, 000 people every year. This is much more than snakes (50, 000), lions (100), dogs (25, 000) and sharks (10). Nothing comes close to the mosquito!


Besides the malaria disease, mosquitoes carry other diseases which are also dangerous to people. These include yellow fever and encephalitis. These tiny insects can be found all over the world, except for Antarctica, as it is too cold.

More Attention

Through his study, Gates is planning on launching “mosquito week” by publishing articles about the insect on his blog. He will also try to find solutions to get rid of the diseases that cause the death of so many people.

Gates believes we should pay more attention to mosquitoes. Sharks get a whole week on TV every year and they kill less than a dozen people annually.

Source: gatesnotes.com

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