Amity Pet Care, based in the UK, are ready and happy to give your pet the care and attention they require and deserve. Don't be afraid to leave your pet again:  Amity Pet Care is a real home-from-home!

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Can you tell me a little about you?
I have always been a huge animals lover, for as long as I can remember, and was always fond of my childhood tabby, Chloe. I have had various career inspirations, throughout the years, but always ended up coming back to the animals - during any time when I wasn't working with animals, coming home to my own was always the highlight of the day. I went on to study Animal Management for 2 years, where I gained top grades, as well as an Outstanding achievement Award.

Where you were working before?
I have worked at a variety of animal related establishments, including a Veterinary practice, stables, an ecological surveying company, animal collections, nature centres, boarding kennels and cattery, etc. All of my work has involved general husbandry of the animals.

Why you decided you to create your company?
It's a hard world out there, to be able to find a suitable job, which you enjoy, and can build a career from. After much searching, trying to find work in animal care, I decided that I'd have a go at building my own company. Another reason, why I created Amity Pet Care, which was to allow her dog, a little Chihuahua cross Jack Russell, to have as many friends as possible, to keep him well socialised.

Was it difficult?
Although there was a lot of work involved, with deciding on services, how we were going to run, website creating, etc, it was a lot of fun!

What were your greatest challenges?
I think having the patience, whilst we were setting up, and gradually building up clients.

What are your plans for the future?
We plan on growing the business, and maybe offering a pet supplies service, to our clients, offering healthy, and ethical products.

What is your favourite pet product?
This is always a debate we have! We have a Drinkwell Big Dog water fountain, which filters the water, keeps it flowing, and fresh. Although not strictly pet products, we have a very good specialist pet vacuum, and a steam cleaner, which helps us to keep our home environment clean. We're also big fans of natural and holistic pet care, so love products like CSJ Billy No Mates liquid, Skinny Spray, and Skinny Cream, for external parasite control, and Verm-X liquid, for intestinal health-we like to give our pets healthy supplements. I think we'd be here all day, if we listed our favourite pet products!

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