"Eustache regularly goes bonkers: he runs throughout the house, jumping and sliding... a real fury ! " says Marion. - What is happening to Eustache? Is it serious? Should we try to stop him or not?

The game rather than hunting

From its natural hunting instinct, your cat has preserved a certain curiosity and tenacity. In constant search of adventures and new discoveries, the slightest reflection, the smallest shadow can arouse interest and provoke a furious game!

Domesticated, our friend most often chooses a string hanging shelf or a small colorful ball lying around in the living room as a prey. However, its gestures are those of hunting: observation, lookout, tactical approach, attack...

A fun training

It is well known: the game is the best way to learn and face the world. Even when young, the kitten plays affectionately with the ears and tail of their mother.

Thus they capture the environment and their entourage, and confronts them. This learning is essential for physical and mental development. The game will last their lifetime but will subside with age.

An indispensable outlet

Without live prey, hunting is replaced by the game, but not just any game. Your cat practices their dexterity, they work on their coordination, strengthens their muscles, exercises.

That way your cat also learns their limits, that is to say yours: running in the house is allowed; clinging to curtains is forbidden. By accompanying your cat in parts of their games, you will create strong links with them.

"Until Pompon was one year old, he never stopped... a real spring! Now it is better, he even like to cuddle." Says Juliet, owner of a two year old Main Coon.

How to choose a toy?

When choosing a toy for your cat, think about satisfying their 5 senses: hearing by avoiding noisy toys that might frighten them, smell by focusing on catnip-sented toys for example, touch with soft objects, sight with easily identifiable toys and bright colors, taste by smearing their toys with a little olive juice for example.

If you are unsure about the type of toy to give to your pet, you can read our article!

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