Why does my cat purr? What does this mean? Are they happy or just sleepy?

What is purring?

It's a regular buzzing, most of the time happening when we pet a cat but not all the time. This buzzing is a cat's particularity, just like a human's laugh.

Purring comes from the mother-kitten bond. From this smooth noise, the mother cat relaxes her babies when she's breast feeding them. Quickly, purring becomes a way to communicate between mother and baby cats, and then between cats and us.

Purring is childish behaviour, happening when the cat is socializing and feeling inferior. It also happens when a cat is asking for food. Some cats might purr when they are anxious or nervous. Purring might signal a happy moment, but also a stressful one.

Keep purring kitty

According to some scientists, purring has beneficial effects on cats, and on us. Purring is supposed to help us relax! Well, if you feel blue, pet your cat!

What if my cat doesn't purr?

Some cats never purr, except when they are eating. It doesn't mean that they are unhappy. These cats have probably been taken away from their mother too early and didn't learn to purr.

Photo credit : Yummypets

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