Playing is vital for your cat. It is in this way that they learn to behave in society and hunt. As an adult, they still need to play to relieve stress ... and stay fit.

They are always happy to run after a ball or a piece of rope, but now there are next generation toys, specially made for them!

A matter for specialists

Your cat's favourite games... are those in which you participate: Soccer with a lightning ball, a fishing rod equipped with a mouse, a bird or a feather waved under their nose, or cat agility course : with a pocket laser, you run a red dot on the wall and your cat tries to catch it.
However, when you 're not there, your pet needs to play alone, and this is important for balance. And to respond to their expectations, ranges of toys are now overseen by veterinarians and behaviorists .

The Crazy Circle

Cats are curious and patient. Anything that reminds them of an attack makes them happy. That is why they can't get enough of crazy circle, a hollow toy shaped in a circle where runs a ping-pong ball, visible but impossible to dislodge from its compartment. The cat can touch it to make it go faster, but you can not extract it from its housing. Some models are equipped with a mouse mounted on elastic in the center.

Scratching with all their soul

Always in great shape, your companion  will evacuate their excess of energy on a revolutionary wooden scratching post, the Senses Catit Design. Round and placed on a rubber mat, your cat will experience the extraordinary pleasure of stimulating the sensory endings  of their front paws. And as a caring owner, you can hide a few treats and a pinch of catnip in the holes, that will make your cat absolutely crazy!

Self service

After the effort, comfort : Try Pipolino. This rubber cylinder with nice colors ( pink, blue and lime green ) contains kibbles. Adjustable openings allow all types of dry food to be used, regardless of their shape and size. If the cat wants to eat, they roll the Pipolino to free kibbles. This device helps fight against bulimia, anxiety and aggressivity.

The classics

Instead of hanging a string on the door knob, give your cat a Bungee. This is a mouse of 52 cm,  suspended upside down by the tail which extends when the cat clings to the toy.

Your can also try the vibrating hamster, or a playmat, half plush, scented with catnip and equipped with a mirror and an arch where swaying bell and mouse. There's even a pocket that squeaks when touched.

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