Here at Yummypets, we believe that all animals are beautiful, and if you're a Yummypal, you almost certainly believe the same thing.

However, there will always unfortunately be those who think that some animals are 'too ugly' to be adopted. This was the case with this poor ginger kitten who was clearly discriminated against. No one wanted to adopt him because his physical features didn't match up to our normal standards.

Romeo, considered 'too ugly'

This story took place in Spain, where Romeo was born with a deformity that affected his face. The Santuario Compasión Animal took him under their wing some time ago, and the people working there saw in Romeo a happy, playful and adorable kitten with many qualities.

On the Facebook page of Santuario Compasión Animal, there are many pretty photos of Romeo who is participating in the daily life of the shelter. He even gives his own opinion to the employees!

Une famille d'adoption pour la vie

Romeo has found a family by being in the Sanctuary. He is appreciated and loved by all. We hope with all our hearts that this handsome kitten will never again be alone, with his adoptive family that take good care of him.

It makes us so happy to see that Romeo has finally found the happiness that he deserves. This proves that there is still some good in the world, that no animal is more beautiful than another.

Here is the video that the Sanctuary published on their Facebook page about Romeo:

Source : IHeartCats

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