Some cats tend to gobble up their food and vomit shortly after. Similarly, some cats gain weight easily because they do not exercise a lot and get bored while you're gone.

There are solutions for your cat to learn to control his hunger while doing some exercise. Most cats who use them lose weight are happier and less aggressive towards their owners.

The "labyrinth" distributor


Description: Pour the nuggets over the tower, and a few  in the      bowl at the bottom too. Passing his paw through the holes (which you can set the size) your cat will push the kibbles out which shall be dropped in the bowl.

Ideal for fun and to stimulate your cat's predatory instincts, he will finally have to use his mind to eat.

The Pipolino

Optimiser la digestion de son chat

Description: Fill the Pipolino with kibbles. Your cat will get the kibbles while pushing the Pipolino around.

Interesting for greedy cats,with this principle your cat can play throughout the day and you only have to fill it when it is empty.

The Stimulo

Optimiser la digestion de son chat

Description: Divide the croquettes in each of the cylinders of different sizes.

This solution develops the agility of your cat and makes its meals much more fun.

These systems do not appeal to all our companions, sometimes some never adhere. If you decide to try one of them, you must persevere! Most cats take several days to understand and be convinced, but once they start liking it, you won't regret this change of habit.

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