Suzy Mead is a photographer who lives in south Nevada in the US. She expresses her passion for photography through stunning photos of her daughter Mia and their animals.

Mia had always been her muse throughout her photographic exploration. Above all else, what Suzy Mead loves to capture is the carefree moments of childhood and to explore the personality of children through her photos. Along the way, she discovered that Mia was drawn to animals, which inspired the below photos. Through the series, Suzy wanted to highlight the unique link with each animal that Mia has. She has many furry and four-legged friends and each one occupies a special place in her heart.

Discover the magnificant work of Suzy Mead.

mia-biquette-05-2016 mia-chat-fleur-05-2016 mia-chaton-cover-05-2016 mia-chatons-05-2016 mia-cheval-05-2016 mia-chien-05-2016 mia-cochon-05-2016 mia-lapin-05-2016 mia-lapin-cover-05-2016 mia-poussin-05-2016Mia-chat-05-2016

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source : boredpanda

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