What could be better than the adorable face of a cuddly pup? 14 of them in fact! Here are some utterly loveable Yummypets dogs to brighten your day!

#1 - The ultimate snuggle buddies.

#2 - What do you mean it's not dinner time yet?!

#3- I have located the enemy, Sir.

#4 - Put the camera down and tickle my belly!

#5 - All ready for my date!

#6 - You left me a WHOLE 2 minutes. Where d'ya go? What'cha do? Is it time for walkies??!!

#7 - Daydreaming about the perfect pork chop...

#8 - Those tiny floppy ears!

#9 - Q: Why aren’t dogs good dancers? A: Because they have two left feet!

#10 - Unconditional love.

#11 - I can't believe it's only Monday...

#12 - Take the pic again. I'll do my serious face.


#14 - Are you awake yet mum?

Photo credits: can be found on Yummypets Instagram

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