The Kerdog is an excellent product that gives a second chance for paralyzed dogs. This prevents euthanasia which i so often advocated. Here is Kerdog's press release  to learn everything about this solution:

Subject: Orthopedic equipment for advanced paralyzed dogs

Today, there are nearly 8 million dogs in the UK. The love of the British for their pet is well known and they spend more and more money for their pets. The healthcare market is doing well. Thanks to advances in medicine, our companions are living longer and longer, making them more likely to suffer from diseases. Indeed, in the UK, 5000 dogs have surgery because of a herniated disc each year and 20,000 suffer from disabilities often due to osteoarthritis or degenerative diseases.

A dog with hindquarters paralyzed suffers, often experiencing incontinence. Difficult to manage for both the dog and the owner. This situation often leads to euthanasia. Yet solutions exists in orthopedics.

Like humans, dogs can benefit from advanced orthopedic helping improve their quality of life.

Kerdog the "Made in France" revolutionary brace is essentially a true innovation in the field of "mechatronics for animal health." It is not a coincidence that Sophiadog (the company that sells this product) benefited from the support of OSEO and the network of Business Angels raising 230,000 euros.

This cart will relieve 2nd generation and transform the lives of paralyzed dogs giving them an opportunity to relearn to walk.

Kerdog the patented product is the result of teamwork of specialists (veterinary surgeons, neurosurgeons, neurologists) based in France, England and the USA.

Le Kerdog, la solution pour les chiens paralysés

Its advantages:

- Reduced hospitalization time (after surgery)

- Resumption of the fastest natural course

- Maintaining an optimal neuromuscular potential for older dogs with a multi daily and regular rehabilitation

- Ease of maintenance at home

- Reduction of muscle atrophy and problems related to immobility (incontinence, pressure ulcers, ankylosis, cardiovascular problems associated with poor venous return)

- Autonomy and comfortable life for the dog

- Euthanasia avoided

The Kerdog speaks directly to individuals (rental, online payment). Users are unanimous: "A fabulous invention for both the dog and the owner".

The only canine orthopedic equipment that offers paralyzed dogs a chance to walk again, to regain a taste for life, to live fully "their dog's life."

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