Some time ago, I interview Rex, an adorable jack Russel Terrier, so today it's time for you to meet Rex's sister: CoCo!

Tell us how about the first time you met your pet!

CoCo is the half-sister of my other Jack Russell Terrier, Rex 

I was delighted to hear that Rex’s mum and grandma were to have another litter each so I put my name down for a puppy straight away.  When she was born there was a choice of two black and tan bitches, one from each litter, of which I was happy to have either, so I left the decision up to the breeders.  They very generously let me have CoCo so that both my dogs had the same mum.  I had regular updates on how cheeky and mischievous CoCo was along with photos until the day I brought her home.  Within the first 15 minutes of being home she was playing with Rex.  A little 8 week old running around playing with my 1 year old was just heart-warming.  It became evident very quickly that she was as feisty as I’d been told!


 Is she adopted?

No.  Although I was going to adopt until I heard that Rex’s mum was having another litter.  I fully support adopting animals that need loving forever homes and, when I come to look for another dog in the future, adoption will be my first choice.

There is some misunderstanding about dogs and in some cases specifically Jack Russells and there are plenty that need homes.  Being, what I feel is an understanding Jack Russell owner I feel I can work with the nature that has been bred into them as working dogs, as opposed to trying to make them something they’re not ever going to be. 

Where does her name come from?

CoCo’s brother’s name came from the breed of Rabbit I used to own, Rex.  I had 4 rabbits all differing variations of the rex breed and adding these together they spell out CoCo (Chinchilla, Otter, Cinnamon, Orange).

She’s also known as CoCo Bean…because she’s constantly bouncing all the time so she’s my ‘Bouncing Beanie Baby’.

Do you have other pets?

Yes.  I have CoCo’s half-brother Rex who is a standard colour Jack Russell.  CoCo is 1 and Rex is 2.  Their personalities are completely opposite.  CoCo is outgoing and energetic, whilst Rex is quite reserved and enjoys his cuddles. 

What’s a typical day with her?

When I’m at work CoCo and Rex spend the day with their human grandparents.  CoCo is most definitely my father’s favourite, he loves how cheeky, fun and outgoing she is.

Due to CoCo’s endless energy I take her on Monday evenings to agility classes.  She’s only been going a month but we’ve been told that the instructors are suitably impressed by her and her friends.  We would like to one day, compete in agility contests but this is a way off yet.  Our dream would be to qualify for Crufts in a few years, fingers and paws crossed.

At weekends CoCo enjoys going on long walks with her brother and their Spitz friends Meg and Mimi .

If we’re not walking in summer we go to Fun Dog Shows which helps to raise money for both humans and other animals that may not be as fortunate.


What’s her favorite toy?

As a typical Jack Russell CoCo’s favourite toy is anything that is furry and squeaks. These don’t tend to last too long with two Jack Russells and I regularly wake to find my carpet covered in dog toy stuffing.

I‘d say she enjoys playing, or maybe I should say picking on her brother.  They have great fun together.  Rex enjoys teasing CoCo which then brings out a very typical Russell Terrier side in his sister, which for some reason he seems to enjoy.

What about her preferred food?

CoCo is a little dustbin, she will eat anything and everything.  Whilst we’re eating her brother will go and lie down in his bed, CoCo however sits next to you making funny noises, which would have you believe she hasn’t had anything to eat for days.

Her main diet consists of a high quality dry food, but as a treat they have raw food, such as chicken wings, duck wings, liver etc.

What’s your fav pet product?

We have a few.  There is some special Fox Poo shampoo which we use which comes in very handy with terriers after eventful walks.

Treats: Antler dog chews, masterpet star chews which are a natural dog chew, also sausage and frankfurters are big hits when it’s agility time.  Anything homemade or natural we love.

General Food: Our favourite range of food is the Taste of the Wild range, occasionally the tinned food for a special occasion, but we mostly use the dry.

There is a local shop that makes handmade dog treats and cakes Mrs Bishops Doggy Deli (which both my dogs and their friends all really enjoy the special treats from.


Any tips for the YummyPals?

To the humans - On a serious note, please make sure you educate yourself before purchasing any kind of pet. They give you all the joy in the world and deserve to be treated to the best standard you can give.  I know having had rabbits and having been brought up with Jack Russells that there are common misconceptions about a lot of animals and something as simple as reading about the animal/ breed beforehand can make things so much easier in the long run.

On another note, have fun and enjoy, the right kind of pet is a blessing and will enrich any life.  Even after the most down day a dog will bring a smile to your face.

To the animals - Bounce, jump, play, fetch, chase, sniff, lick, splash and roll around.  Have as much fun as you can, you bring joy to your humans and the people around you so carry on being fun loving, cute and cuddly.

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