My cat is putting on weight - what should I do to restore the situation? Should I put my cat on diet? Today, we tell you about your cat piling on the pounds.

What is a big cat?

The age, breed, size and sex of your cat influence their morphology. Only your veterinarian will be able to tell you the ideal weight of your furry friend. The matter is to make sure this weight stays approximately the same by weighing your cat on regular basis.

Why is my cat getting bigger?

You must start considering the situation if your cat gains weight rapidly. Anxiety, for example, might your give cat an excessive appetite : moving house or an new addition to the family are very stressful situations for cats. In this case, do not put your cat on a diet because it won't fix the real problem.

Weight gain might also be caused by a metabolic or hormonal issue. You need to book an appointment with your veterinarian to identify the cause of your cat's stoutness.

Most of the time, your cat actually gets bigger little by little, with years, without any other reason.

What about a diet?

Diets are not only for humans. Nevertheless, don't modify your pet's diet like you will do for yours by for example cutting out a particular type of food because it might create a deficiency.

To start a diet, you want to decrease the daily intake of food by about 1/3, but do not reduce the frequency of feeding.

Let's exercise!

Cat trees, activity tunnels, toys, balls... there are a lot of ways to keep your cat active.

How to weigh your cat?

To weigh your cat, hold them in your hand and weigh both of you. Write the weight down and weigh yourself alone. Just a little subtraction and you're done!

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