We've already talked about dog hair-loss. But we haven't yet talked about molting!

Today, let's talk about molting in dogs!


In dogs, molting is triggered twice a year. The most important shedding is in May due to the fall of the winter coat. The summer coat falls around September. Thus it is natural that your pet loses more hair in the spring and autumn. If the animal lives in very heated apartment, especially if his resting place is near a heater, the hair loss may be even more abundant. During these periods, 90 % of hair is in the growth phase.

After the autumn molt, much thicker hair will grow, especially for longhaired dogs. Molting is dependent of temperature and of light exposure. It therefore varies from one region to another. Longer days trigger the growth of new hair and the loss of the former. A dog living outdoors usually loses their thick undercoat in the spring in preparation for warmer temperatures. Most dogs living inside molt steadily throughout the year, but have a less pronounced seasonal molt.

Regular, moderate hair loss is quite normal for your dog. However, one must be careful and learn to identify any significant increase in the amount of hair lost, scratching or other changes in your dog’s behavior.

Dogs with thick fur and/or long hair undergo a greater molt... Their hair loss, quite spectacular in its quantity, should not frighten you.
Keep in mind that diet contributes to the beauty of your pet’s coat. Protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins (A and biotin) will help your dog keep a healthy skin and coat.

What should I do?

Grooming is a solution. Brushing your dog outside once a day will greatly reduce the amount of hair covering your clothes, carpet and furniture, especially during the molting period.

When the loss of hair is significant (during the molt, for example), or if the fur is dull, it may be necessary to use a suitable nutritional supplement. For example, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E will help reduce hair loss, maintain vitality and shiny fur!

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