You’ve heard of cat cafés, but what about pug cafés? No, you’re not dreaming. We promise.

Happy Pugoween

Last weekend, Esquires Coffee in London transformed itself into a Halloween Pugadise. Owners were invited to bring their little furry friends down to the cosy venue, where there were Pugkin Spice Lattes, fancy dress competitions and lots of lovely cakes.

Each slot was 70 minutes long, and pug crosses were welcomed too! Not a pug owner? Never fear, pug lovers were also welcome to join in the fun.

Just look at these adorable photos!

Sold out

Unfortunately (and very unsurprisingly), the event sold out quickly and so there were plenty of people who missed the event. But there will be more like this soon.

The Pug Cafe has been a great hit in the past and we expect their Christmas Pug Cafe in manchester will be very popular!

Photo credit:@popuppugcafe

Would you like to go to an event like this?

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