Unless you've been living under a rock for the last month (so you're excused, lizards and insects), it will have been hard to miss the arrival of Thor on Yummypets.

The striking and charismatic cat has been capturing the hearts of Yummypets and Yummypals alike with his miniature-leopard features and striped coat. You may have seen his photo on the Best in Show. You may have been one of the Yummypals that gave him such a warm welcome. You may have even checked out his Instagram page. But now, though a picture may be worth 1,000 words, here are 1,000 words to paint a picture. We caught up with the great petstar himself to discover the truth about the cat behind the camera.


It's only been a month since you joined the ranks of the Yummypals, but in the short time that you've been here, what has been your favourite thing about Yummypets?

I love the fact that everyone is so kind to each other! I was welcomed so warmly! It felt immediately good to be in the Yummypets community!

You're obviously photogenic because you look amazing in every photo, but do you have any tips for the Yummypals so that they can look great in their photos?

The best tip I can give is to just try enough poses until you think you have found just the right one! My servants love it when I pose like I need something from them. Looking at them with big eyes, head tilt a bit to the right,  paws together, and my servants melt from my cuteness they say! Guaranteed a cute picture and you might even get some treats from your servants.

What's the thing that makes you purr?

I am in love with belly rubs while I nap! During the day when I am playing I'm not so fond of belly rubs, but when I am napping, I just lay on my back, paws up, and my servants are ready to give me ten thousand snuggles and belly rubs. This makes me purr so much!


Have you got any funny stories to tell us?

Well I actually did something pretty terrible last year... my servants had a goldfish, Napoleon. I always saw him in this big thing full of water. One day, I was sick of seeing him drowning, so I tried to save him by grabbing him out of his water bin. Well, I gotta admit that it certainly wasn't a good idea. When my servants got home they were very angry at me. They told me that fish need water to survive, not like us cats! I felt soooo stupid that day, but I have learned my lesson now. RIP Napoleon. I hope you found fish heaven with lots of beautiful girl fishies!

You seem so graceful, but we all have our klutzy moments! What is the last thing that you broke?

Well, I gotta admit I already broke some vases... but the most clumsy thing I did happened a few weeks ago. One of my servants bought some cupcakes to enjoy during a movie night, and she left them at her night stand beside her bed... I smelled the scent of cupcakes and I immediately went to take a look. I jumped on the night stand, but I miscalculated my jump, and I jumped right onto the cupcakes... I didn't know what to do so I jumped on the bed. Worst. Idea. Ever. My cupcake-y paws were everywhere! I ran away to the kitchen, but my servant immediately knew it was me... my paws had drawn a trail from her bedroom all the way to the kitchen!

If you were a biscuit, what kind of biscuit would you be?

A Lion, rrrrr!

How's your love life?

Well actually I am still single right now, but I love all the attention I get! I even got some marriage proposals from some beautiful kitties! That's amazing.


Who's your favourite Instagram account to follow?

I love pawproject! They help kitties and they try to ban all declawing! It's a horrible thing to do to animals!

What song best describes your life?

My favorite song ever is 'What's new pussycat' from Tom Jones! My servants and I can dance all day to this!  But the song that best describes me is 'Eye of the Tiger' because I do really feel like one!

Tell us something we don't know about you!

Well, there are a few things that actually nobody knows, but I will share them with you guys. The first thing is that I actually have a little fault in my tail... only my breeder and my servants know it. But my servants can't even see it. You can feel it a bit though. But now you know, I am no perfect kitty, nobody is perfect!  The second thing is that I may look fearless and majestic... but even I can get scared! When we go on a trip to the vet, I scream until the whole neighborhood can hear me!


So there you have it, the words straight from the horse's (or cat's) mouth! And if you didn't spot our introduction to Thor, you can take a look at it here!

Don't forget to check out Thor's spectacular YummypetsInstagram and Facebook pages!

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